19 Lightweight Thermoplastic Belting LIGHTWEIGHT SIDEWALLS These versatile value-added belts are fabricated with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polyurethane corrugated sidewalls for a wide range of lightweight monofilament conveying applications. FDA approved and resistant to oil and animal fat, thermoplastic sidewall belts are designed for pulley diameters down to 1-9/16". Beltservice fabrications are performed by the most experienced production team in North America. LIGHTWEIGHT SIDEWALL WORKSHEET P.O. #: JOB#: CUSTOMER: DATE: City: State: Zip: Contact: Address: Phone: ( ) Fax: ( ) D E S I G N D A T A Base Belt: Belt Length: Belt Width (BW): Sidewall Type: ❑ PVC ❑ PU ❑ Nitrile Sidewall Height (SH): Cleat Type: ❑ PVC ❑ PU ❑ PU Ramp ❑ Nitrile ❑ RF ❑ SBT ❑ MBT ❑ NBT ❑ Scoop Sidewall Recess to Edge of Base (SR1): Sidewall Recess to Edge of Convolutions (SR2): Cleat Height (CH): Cleat Indentation (CI): Cleat Spacing: V-Guide Type: ❑ PVC ❑ PU ❑ Nitrile V-Guide Size: V-Guide Location (VL): Endless Prepared: Prep Lap: Lacing: SC SW SH SB CH SW SR1 SH SR2 CI VL CW BW Photocopy, complete and FAX to: (314) 344-8511 or email: sales@beltservice.com