Tuberoll Belts SLEEVE BELTS (WITHOUT JOINT) FOR PAPER TUBE AND CORE MANUFACTURING BeltTS has developed TUBEROLL belts through exten- sive tests on Cardboard Tube Machinery. Due to the special structure of the carcass and to the top covers compound, TUBEROLL belts allow to obtain the required quality in cardboard tube manufacture. In particular, TUBEROLL belts enable a correct trans- verse stability without buckling and overlapping. The SYMMETRIC and BALANCED configuration of TUBEROLL belts basically includes: A. Top and Bottom rubber covers; B. Two stabilizing layers, made of woven synthetic fibre (not present in the 5 mm thickness version); C. Spiral synthetic cord (400daN/cm – 800 daN/cm); A C B STANDARD1 RUBBER COVERS TYPE COLOR FEATURES NA Black High wear resistance with good grip M Black Better Grip and Fatigue resistance MS Black Super Abrasion Resistance NB White The same properties as NA but non-staining version TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS INNER LENGTH 1000 mm ÷ no limit WIDTH 30 mm ÷ 1000 mm STANDARD THICKNESS1 5 - 8,5 - 10,5 mm HARDNESS 70° ± 5.0° ShA EDGES2 Cut or Sealed Thanks to the design, TUBEROLL belts perform some advantages based on the OEMs’ requirements: • The seamless design of the belts prevents weak points along the whole length and allows the complete exploitation of the resistance class of the tensile core; • The spiral cord of the internal structure guarantees a very low elongation at nominal operating rates and, at the same time, allows a higher flexibility that permits wrapping around small pulleys; • The quality of the used compounds assures a higher resistance to abrasion of outer covers and higher coefficient of friction suiting any type of cardboard; • The rubber coated edges prevent fraying and extend the lasting time of the belt; • Thanks to the symmetric & balanced configuration, it is possible to use both the surfaces of the belts (by flipping the belts) and both the edges (by turning the belts) increasing (from 2 to 4 times) the lasting time of the belts. 1: Other compounds and thickness available upon request 2: For 5 mm thickness version, only cut edges