Trailroll SLEEVE BELTS FOR HORIZONTAL VENEER AND PARQUET SLICING MACHINES. These machines are also used to plane. In view of the high stresses acting on the belt, TRAILROLL is consisting of the following components: • carcass in spiraled cord having a tensile strength ranging between 315 daN/cm and 1500 daN/cm; • stiff fabrics for the maximum transversal flatness (optional, suitable for very thin veneers production); • top side no-staining rubber cover type PA50 - PA60, that provides an excellent grip on the materials being machined; • SP222 upper profile with longitudinal grooves to improve the grip; • bottom side black rubber cover grade “N”, allowing the belt to be resistant to the stress of a high traction force. TRAILROLL can be supplied in sleeves having up to 20.000 mm inside circumference, with no width limit. Our products are appreciated for their features and performances on the machines of the main manufacturers like Marunaka, Amitec, Fezer, Qingdao o a h g n o h z o a H o a d g n i Q , y r e n i h c a M n u s n w a D Woodworking Machinery, … WIN WIN S.r.l. Cap. Soc. € 100.000,00 i.v. C.F P.iva e Reg. Impr. CO 03289090130 Operational & Legal Address Via Risorgimento, 8 22044 Inverigo (CO) Italy Tel. +39 031.604111 Fax. +39 031.604399 Drawing, materials and other data are subject to changes prior notice by WinWin S.r.l. All right reserved. Publication is protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in any part without permission by the Company. Please, be aware that WinWin S.r.l. is the only owner of the know-how of former Cigo Industria Gomma S.r.l.