RECOMMENDED2 MINIMUM PULLEY DIAMETER FOR BELT WITH V-GUIDE Lower profile Trapezoid section (mm) Diameters (mm) Code Section3 Base Height Unnotched guide Notched guide SP502 A 13 8 120 95 SP503 B 17 11 200 120 TOLERANCES Inner circumference Up to 5000 mm ±0,5 % Over 5000 mm ±0,75 % Width ± 5 mm Thickness +1/-0,5 mm Thickness uniformity 0,3 mm max Misalignment of the central guide rib ± 1,0 mm Tab 6 We recommend the following component types: Structure: EPQP or EPQ for belts with a Iong or short distance between centers and SME 400 is used for pulleys with a small diameter; Top profile: SP 104 or SP 130 are appropriate for edging machines and SP 107 or SP 110 for polishing of shaped or mouIded profiles; Lower profile: the shearing stresses is counteracted by the guide rib and increasing the stress, the guide section becomes larger accordingly. We produce the most common dimensions with the v-guide integrated with the structure (tab. 5) V GUIDE TIMBEROLL, TRULY ENDLESS BELTS FOR EDGE-SANDING AND SHAPED SANDING MACHINERY Tab 5 WIN WIN S.r.l. Cap. Soc. € 100.000,00 i.v. C.F P.iva e Reg. Impr. CO 03289090130 Operational & Legal Address Via Risorgimento, 8 22044 Inverigo (CO) Italy Tel. +39 031.604111 Fax. +39 031.604399 Drawing, materials and other data are subject to changes prior notice by WinWin S.r.l. All right reserved. Publication is protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in any part without permission by the Company. Please, be aware that WinWin S.r.l. is the only owner of the know-how of former Cigo Industria Gomma S.r.l. 2. Only typical data for selection purpose, not to be used for part or tool design. 3. Other Section like “Z” (10 x 6 mm) or “C” (22 x 14 mm) available upon request.