18 Lightweight Thermoplastic Belting BELT SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE! CALL FOR DETAILS. MonoPro® 2 Ply Polyurethane x Bare These are all purpose FDA compliant food belts designed for use in direct food contact and general purpose light duty con- veying systems. White No. 108B is non-antistatic and an excel- lent metal detector belt. Their PU impregnated bottom fabric seals off the ingress of oils, fats, and particulate that cause de- lamination and shrinkage. Blue No. 108BPU is antistatic. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. 108BPU 108B E8/2 U0/U3 White NA FDA* 108BPU E8/2 U0/U3 Blue FDA AS MonoPro® 2 Ply White PVC x Bare A heavier construction multifilament belt ideal for troughing and power turn applications. It offers greater resistance to cut- ting and abrasion. Often used in baking, cheese processing, and for conveying fish and vegetables. Used in small surge bins in soap and cereal manufacturing. This FDA approved belt is resistant to vegetable and fish oils and mild solvents. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. EF13/2 U0/V8 White FDA* 110 110 MonoPro® 2 Ply Inverted Pyramid x Bare This belt’s inverted pyramid (IP) top cover increases the grip on product, making it excellent for slight inclines or declines. No. 109 is resistant to mild solvents, oils, greases, and salt. It is often used to convey vegetables and fish. In the baking industry, No. 109 is used for handling breads, cookies & crackers, and is ideal for sheeters and molders for pastry and dough. E8/2 U0/V5 White IP FDA 109 109 SBT Cleat MBT Cleat NBT Cleat HIGH FREQUENCY PVC AND PU CLEATS Our newest generation of cleats has been designed for use with thermoplastic belting in a wide range of applications. These new cleats come in three groups: (1) SBT - Standard Base PVC T-Cleats for general, FDA, and non-food applications. (2) MBT - Medium Base PVC T-Cleats for general, FDA, and non-food applications. Ideal for 2" pulleys and above. (3) NBT - Narrow Based PU T-Cleats for general and FDA food applications with small pulley diameters. For pulley applications below 2" see thermoplastic speci- fications on pages 58-61. PolyPro Plus® 2 Ply Polyurethane x Bare The 108CL is Beltservice's top of the line urethane belt for eddy current, meat preparation, deboning, metal stamping, optical scanning, and automotive applications. No. 108HCR is excellent for use with Z-shaped conveyors and is antistatic. The abrasion resistant 85 Shore A red gloss cover of 108R is ideal for use on automotive and recycling conveyors. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. E13/2 U0/U16 Clear Matte NA EU 108CL 108CL PolyPro Plus® 2 Ply White Glossy Polyurethane x Bare No. 108GL is a non-antistatic belt that is suitable for most knife edge applications. Its 85 durometer high gloss finish is suitable for bread plants, chocolate applications, frozen foods, a vari- ety of foods (cheese, candy, prepared foods, etc.) salting and the pharmaceutical industry. A rigid polyester carcass provides very good dimensional stability that extends service life. Com- plies with FDA regulations and EU recommendations. E10/2 U0/U2 White PU GL NA FDA 108GL 108GL PolyPro Plus® 2 Ply Blue Matte Polyurethane x Rice Grain The 108MRG's PU top cover was designed for the easy release of food products. Its high gloss Rice Grain (RG) bottom profile has excellent wear characteristics. The belt's good dimensional stability makes it ideal for long conveying applications, slider bed, roller bed, or troughed bed conveyors. This belt is non- antistatic and can be used on metal detectors. Complies with FDA and EU regulations for conveying food products. E13/2 Ul/U75 Clear Matte AS FDA 108HCR 108MRG EM14/2 U3RG/U3 Blue M NA FDA EU 108MRG E13/2 UI/U10 Red Gloss AS* 108R