Timberoll Belts SLEEVE BELT (WITHOUT JOINT) FOR WOODWORKING MACHINERY The conveyor belt of machines used for sanding calibrating and dressing of heartwood, hardboard panels, plywood, veneer, laminated plastic (synthetic resin bonded laminate) etc. must have proper characteristics to contribute to the achievement of perfectly machined surfaces. TIMBEROLL belts have obtained and are still obtaining warm approval by their users since they warrant excellent results. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they are of vanguard design and manufactured to obtain a sleeve belt of the required dimension, without need for overlapping of the two belt ends (no splice), as otherwise used for similar types. As a result of this manufacturing process, the quality of the adopted materials and their configuration, TIMBEROLL make it possible to obtain better performances, such as: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Absolute uniform thickness and strength in all parts of the belt, since the carcass has to be approached over a 360° arch; Exceptional belt running linearity even when the length/width ratio of the machine table is ≤ 1 m; Improved flexibility so that pulleys with a smaller diameter can be used; Maximum flatness and stability under working stresses; Excellent smoothness on the sliding surface of the machine table due to very low sliding friction coefficients; Efficient grip action of the materials conveyed on the belt, since the high rubber covers and adopted profiles provide for high sliding friction coefficients. Main components: TIMBEROLL belts are characterized by the following construction particulars: 1 - Structure This term defines the composition of the tension member or carcass and of the inner sliding ply (Tab. 1); 2 - Rubber cover This term indicates the rubber compound used for the carrying surface (Tab. 2a & 2b); 3 - Top profile This is the impressed pattern which results in alternating land and voids on the rubber cover (Tab. 3). Picture 1: structure of the belt The various types of available structures, covers and profiles for general and special applications will be described in the following pages, along with their leading particulars. The right choice of the various combinations will provide you with the best TIMBEROLL suiting your processing requirements for any kind of material and for obtaining the desired results on the finished product. However, don’t hesitate to contact our technicians who are at your complete disposal to offer their advice.