Tanroll Belts TANROLL, TRULY ENDLESS BELTS FOR LEATHER PROCESSING In the sector of leather and hide processing in general, Italian OEMs have a very important position across the world. Apart from the traditional appreciation of Italian Style, it is a matter of fact that the most advanced technology in hide processing is Italian as well. Picture 1: Roller Coating Machine TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF TANROLL BELTS Description Data Accuracy Rubber Compound Multipurpose - Colour Grey/Red (other colours available) - Top cover Thickness 7 mm - Total Thickness 11-14 mm ± 0.5 mm Hardness °ShA 23°, 36°* ± 5° Inner Length Up to 2000 mm ± 10 mm Inner Length 2001÷ 2600 mm ± 15 mm Edge Bevelling 20 x 3 mm - Together with the main OEMs, BeltTS srl Technicians focused their attention on basic aspects of the belts in direct connection with the application. TANROLL belts are standardly made of: - two/three polyester plies - one skim coat, enabling adhesion and - one sliding fabric made of black polyester as well The features listed above ensure the quality needed for the following specific applications: Seamless execution Not only the coating uniformity of the hide is required. The absence of structural faults in coating, due to seamed belts, is also highly appreciated. The resulting faults originated by this type of structure are a decisive factor that affects the semi-finished product, decreases its value and is often not accepted at all. BeltTS srl technology prevents totally the effects of the variation, due to this type of faults. TANROLL belt is manufactured without seam and by means of cylindrical metal moulds, according to the exact dimension, as required for the application. Cilindricity and edge bevelling One of the main features of the belt is the in-between symmetry – in terms of inner length – of the edges. The accurate cylindricity insures an improved rectilinear behaviour during the job and originates two main benefits, preserving the integrity of the belt and enabling a better linear proceeding of the semi- finished product under the coating process. Bevelling of edges, likewise, limits the touch of the pigmenting roller with the edges of the belt. This is for controlling dye consumption. Tab 1 *other hardness available upon request Typical application of TANROLL truly endless belts, manufactured by BeltTS srl, concerns one of the most delicate and characterising jobs on leather, and similar products, i. e. Dye Coating. This job requires a particular caution, as differences in colours may compromise the inner quality of semi-finished product and affect the aesthetic result and consequently its value. The updated technology can positively and effectively solve any mechanical problem, however the quality of a Roller Coating Machine, along with its performance (hide coating), is based also on the surface of the belt that conveys the hide piece during the dyeing process