Slingroll Belts SLEEVE BELTS (WITHOUT JOINT) FOR HIGH SPEED DEVICES IN THE BULK MATERIAL PROCESSING Our belts are sleeve (truly endless, without splice). They are designed and manufactured to suit the high speed conveying application required in the bulk material positioning (moving, storing, loading for transport). We offer a very wide choice of structures (carcass and covers)thatallowourbeltstobeusedforanyapplication, eliminating short belt life, elements separation, difficult tracking and other common problems. AVAILABLE SIZES THICKNESS from 4 mm to 25 mm WIDTH1 up to 1600 mm LENGTH1 up to 20 m The main advantages of our sleeve belts are: - ability to run at high speed (up to 26 m/s) around small pulleys thanks to the high longitudinal flexibility and to the high resistance that prevent the covers separation; - structure suitable to run on devices requiring flections and counter deflections; - high tensile strength, low elongation also at high loads and transversal stability due to the carcass design and used materials; - easy tracking due to the uniformity in strength and thickness and thanks to the balancing of the entire structure; - the advanced production process allows us to guarantee thickness and weight uniformity all over the surface and very tight dimensional tolerances; - longer service life due to the high quality rubber covers compounds. 1 wider and longer belts available upon request