Shredders Belt For Recycling * Version with metallic breaker Figure 2: chevron profile of the belt obtained by mold Belt dimensions Std sizes Std tolerances Total length No limit (rolls/endless) ± 150mm Maximum width 1400 mm ± 10mm Total thickness 10 mm (11.5mm*) ± 1mm V Cleats & Guides (SP 216) Std sizes Pitch 530 mm Width 1070 mm Section (bxh) 16x25 mm TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF THE BELT 1. Manufacturing method The belts for shredders realized by BeltTS are manufactured using a mold which allows to obtain: • Rolls • Endless 2. Dimensions and Tolerances Figure 1: metal mold used to obtain the chevron profile and the guides on the belt The modern shredders are using innovative designes and materials in order to achieve the highest perfor- mance requested by the market. Currently the most important manufacturers produce machineswhichrequiretheuseofspecialconveyorbelts made of rubber with different types of reinforcements to ensure wear resistance, cut resistance and to improve the reliability in their applications. The conveyor belts in these machines are used for the recyling treatment of different materials ranging from wood, biomass, metal and generally constitute a mixture of materials. BeltTS is specialized in the production of belts for shredders with particular profiles adopted by the major manufacturers. The profile is directly realized by mold as shown in the below pictures. In the drawing it is possible to identify four longitudinal guides which increase the stability and the elastic resistance of the belts. This particular drawing is used by the most important OEMs. The carcass in the belt is realized using pure fabric textile or if requested adding a metal breaker as additive layer to avoid tears and cuts propagation in the belt.