17 Lightweight Thermoplastic Belting BELT SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE! CALL FOR DETAILS. PolyPro Plus® 1 Ply Polyurethane "Rice Grain" x Bare Specifically designed for candy and chocolate factories as well as for handling raw dough, the 103RG's combination of the Rice Grain (RG) top profile and high grade urethane of- fers a non stick surface that allows superior release properties. The advantages of the RG profile is ease of cleaning using a positive profile and innovative non-stick surface. This belt is non-antistatic and perfect for use on metal detectors. 103RG E5/1 U0/U5 RG White HR NA FDA 103RG MonoPro® 3 Ply Poly Trans PVC x Bare Both sides of the 304AS are PVC impregnated polyester for excellent wear characteristics, and it is antistatic. Common ap- plications are coil wrappers, automotive stamping outfeed con- veyors, and food applications for dry food contact only. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. 304AS ES25/3 V1/V1 AS* 304AS PolyPro Plus® 1 Ply Polyurethane x Bare These are one-of-a-kind belts, featuring a highly cross rigid one ply monofilament carcass that stays absolutely flat without curl- ing. They are antistatic and will go around a 0.2" knife edge with a 135° angle. They are perfect cooling tunnel belts with excellent dimensional stability for extremely long and wide conveyor belts (i.e. 450 ft. x 52 in.). Complies with FDA regu- lations and EU recommendations for the transport of foodstuffs. E7/1 U0/U4 White AS FDA EU 103HCR 103HCRB E7/1 U0/U5 Blue AS FDA EU 103HCRB MonoPro® 2 Ply Poly/Cotton PVC Bare x Bare Both belts have a polyester carcass with a cotton cross member, making them an ideal choice in dough handling applications. No. 105 has good absorption properties and is oil and grease re- sistant. No. 106 has virtually no stretch, like a poly belt, while it handles dough like a cotton belt. Its rough Pan-O-Mat surface grips dough well for molders and sheeters. These belts meet FDA standards and are non-antistatic. EC5/2 0/V/0 Tan NA FDA 105 EC5/2 0/0 Natural NA FDA 106 106 MonoPro® PVC Cover x Bare No. 102 offers a limited release plus stain and abrasion resistance; ideal for baking, candy, and frozen foods – not for animal fats or harsh chemicals. No. 107 is a heavier version of No. 102 for more demanding applications. The 107ASQ has a quiet weave antistat- ic bottom fabric that makes it an ideal choice for low noise appli- cations. The 107ASB is used in light duty industrial conveying.*In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. E5/1 0/V5 White NA FDA 102 E8/2 0/V5 White NA FDA 107 E10/2 0/V5 QW White AS FDA* 107ASQ 107 E12/2 0/V5 Black AS* 107ASB MonoPro® White Polyurethane RC x Bare These high release non-stick belts are ideal for candy manu- facturing, cooling tunnels, enrobers, metal detectors, and check weighers. Both meet FDA standards and resist animal fats and chemicals. No. 108RCAS is excellent for baking and candy applications as well as red meat, poultry, and fish processing. Both belts are antistatic. E5/1 U0/U3 White RC AS FDA E/82 U0/U4 White Matte AS FDA 103RCAS 108RCAS 108RCAS MonoPro® 2 & 3 Ply Poly PVC/PU Bare x Bare Nos. 104 & 104AS meet FDA standards and are excellent for accumulation and diverting applications. 104 is oil and grease re- sistant, as well as being odorless, while 104AS has a low friction polyester fabric on both sides, PU skim, and is antistatic. Three ply No. 104B has a PU impregnated top cover and quiet weave (QW) bottom. It is designed for tough, highly abrasive applications. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. E8/2 0/V/0 White NA FDA* 104 104AS E8/2 U0/U0 White AS FDA 104AS 104B E15/3 U1/QW Black AS