The technical particulars of DRAGRING/1 are: Standard sections Data Accuracy Inside circumference Minimum pulleys diameters mm Wide base mm Height mm α° Minimum mm Maximum mm A 13 8 40 1000 10500 100 B 17 11 40 2500 without limit 145 C 22 14 40 2500 without limit 225 D 32 19 40 2500 without limit 360 E 38 25 40 2500 without limit 500 F 51 30 40 2500 without limit 630 Furthermore, we underline the importance of the belt tensioning systems, apt to absorb at least 1,5%- 2% of the belt dimensions to be fitted. PULLEY DIAMETERS The table shows the recommended minimum pitch diameters of the pulleys on which DRAGRING/1 will be mounted. If the design requires pulleys with smaller diameters, the belt may be transverse milled in the bottom side, so that it will be more flexible. In such case the above values may be reduced to a maximum of 30%. INSTRUCTION AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ORDERING State the dimensions of the V-section and the inside circumference of the sleeve belt. If these dimensions is not available, we recommend measuring the path of the belt (not installed) on the machine, on the bottom of the pulley races, with the tensioning system at its minimum and maximum. With these data we will be able to supply sleeve belts having the correct dimensions to suit your machine. WIN WIN S.r.l. Cap. Soc. € 100.000,00 i.v. C.F P.iva e Reg. Impr. CO 03289090130 Operational & Legal Address Via Risorgimento, 8 22044 Inverigo (CO) Italy Tel. +39 031.604111 Fax. +39 031.604399 Drawing, materials and other data are subject to changes prior notice by WinWin S.r.l. All right reserved. Publication is protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in any part without permission by the Company. Please, be aware that WinWin S.r.l. is the only owner of the know-how of former Cigo Industria Gomma S.r.l.