Dragring DRIVING V-BELTS FOR SQUARING, EDGING AND TENONING MACHINES. Their primary task is to keep the workpiece in position during tooling. To any extent, DRAGRING are sleeve type belts with the following additional features: • high working loads concentrated in smaller areas; • high flexibility, so to be fitted on little pulleys diameters; • absolute linear running which ensures great feed precision; • little deformation caused by the pressure rolls; • possibility to work at high speed. • its trapezoid section (V-shape) coated on three sides with wear resisting fabric containing the traction Rayon or Kevlar core; • the rubber pad, or top cover (usually in white rubber compound, hardness 70° ShA), applied to the wider base will ensure an excellent grip on the materials; • the impression, or profile (usually longitudinal grooves), of the cover is designed to increase its grip. For particular needs we can supply DRAGRING with top cover having special characteristics (different hardness and/or profile). Belts with standard section, just Iike the corresponding driving V-belts, are called DRAGRING/1, however belts with special section are called DRAGRING/2