Deboningroll Belts DEBONINGROLL, TRULY ENDLESS BELTS FOR SOFT SEPARATORS The food sector involves a great deal of machinery and there is an important request of deboning equipment, due to the alimentary habits of people. Basically the machinery separates the meat from bones and sinews. It happens also in the poultry and fish processing industries. Since 1987 DEBONINGROLL belts have been successfully distributed in the US under the approval of USDA1 based on FDA testing procedures, as detailed on Sec. 177.2600, sub clauses 4,4’(e) and 4,4’(f). A flexible squeezing belt takes the product towards a rotating and perforated drum. Soft parts are gently pressed through the perforation of the drum and the residues are scraped off the outer drum shell (Pic.1). This process enables the retrieval of food parts otherwise lost. Due to the industrial flexibility of products, BeltTS srl has included in its programme a dedicated endless belt. DEBONINGROLL line fits this type of machinery and is increasingly succeeding in the US, as well as in Far East markets. Of course this is a niche sector, yet a very high accuracy is required under the sanitary aspects. DEBONINGROLL belts are manufactured under the severe requirements of FDA. Picture 1: typical Deboning System Tab. 1 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF DEBONINGROLL BELTS Description Data Rubber Compound Natural 2 Colour White No. of plies 3 Total Thickness 3 12 ÷ 26 mm Hardness 70° ± 5° ShA 4 Profile SP 102 5 Rice grain pattern Edges Fully covered 1 US Department of Agriculture. Any DEBONINGROLL belt is marked “USDA APPROVED” 2 Oil resistant compound available 3 Higher thickness available upon request 4 75° ShA also available 5 Other profiles available upon request