p A B C p A B C 1. Top rubber cover 2. Tensile core 3. Bottom rubber cover 4. Sliding fabric (may replace 3.) 5. Retaining fabric 6. Transverse notches (SP220) 7. Longitudinal grooves (SP222) T. Overall thickness C. Top cover thickness S. Thickness of other components Rubber covers, on the inner and on the outer surface of belts respectively, are closely assembled with the tensile core and vulcanized, obtaining a package e r e h w s t l e b o t d e r a p m o c e c n a t s i s e r r e t t e b a h t i w components are simply glued together. (Pic. 2) Rubber compounds provide: 1. a higher friction coefficient 2. a very good tear and abrasion resistance 3. a very good flexural ability 4. a very good resistance to permanent deformation CATROLL / POLYCATROLL / MULTICATROLL are designed to meet customers’ needs and to provide a customized product for any application. d e t c e l e s e r a s t l e b r u o h c i h w r o f n o s a e r n i a m e h t s i s i h T and adopted more and more by the main OEMs for their haul-off units as well as a replacement part for the most qualified Cable/Pipe Producers of the world. Typically, Haul Off Units are used with the same technology for different applications: f.i. production of pipes and profiles is generally very similar to cable production. On the other hand, profiles may need a different belt surface, therefore it is always necessary to detect the dimension and – above all – the shape of the extruded product. (Picture 3). POLYCATROLL and MULTICATROLL (multi-rib belts), are characterized by the Pitch shape and rate. For POLYCATROLL: For MULTICATROLL: Picture 2 Picture 3: SP222 Profile Pitch and Height rates Other dimensions are available upon request. * x = number of ribs Pulley Category Pitch (p) mm Minimum Belt Height mm J 2.34 12.00 L 4.70 14.00 M 9.40 21.50 Pulley Category A mm B mm C mm 5V/x* 7.00 15.80 1.17 5VN/x* 5.08 15.24 10.16