Catroll - Multicatroll Polycatroll SLEEVE BELT (WITHOUT JOINT) FOR HAUL-OFF UNITS This family includes: CATROLL: truly endless tracks with smooth inside surface, for haul off units fitting flat pulleys; POLYCATROLL: truly endless tracks with ribbed inside surface, for haul off units fitting poly-V pulleys type L, J and M. MULTICATROLL: similar to POLYCATROLL but with different section ribs; They mainly belong to a very important part of extrusion lines for the manufacture of: High technology and standard cables as well as co- nductors in general. Typically they include telecomm- unication cables, submarine cables, tension cables (HT, MT and LT) and electrical conductors; Extruded profiles (in plastic, rubber, metal); Piping: flexible irrigation hoses, for gardening, building and nautical environments, medical devices and other special applications. The inner surface of the belt is loaded with pressure, , s m e t s y s r e l l o r d e t a r e p o y l l a c i t a m u e n p f o s n a e m y b e h t g n i n i a t t a r o f d n a e l b a c e h t r e v o p i r g g n i r u s n e r o f highest drawing rate. t s e h g i h e h t e t a r e p o s t l e b L L O R T A C y l t n e u q e s n o C e h t n o d a o l l a i x a t s e w o l e h t t a t c u d o r p e h t n o p i r g sliding pads. This prevents hazardous deformations of section, in case of fragile cables, wires or pipes. The tensile core of a CATROLL belt is made of a layer of synthetic fiber cord at very high rates of tensile modulus and any cord is spirally woven along its own rolling axis. n a s e t a n i g i r o s s e c o r p g n i r u t c a f u n a m d e t p o d a e h T f o n g i s e d s s e l m a e s e h T . t l e b s s e l m a e s d n a s s e l d n e belts prevents weak points along the whole length and allows the complete exploitation of the resistance class of tensile core. The design of the belt prevents the downgrading due to the seam. Picture 1 Each haul-off unit is equipped with a pair of endless belts that are operated by means of pulleys – two pairs at least – axially overlapped and parallel. (Pic.1)