16 Four distinct brand names comprise Beltservice's lightweight thermoplastic line: (1) PolyPro Plus®; (2) Magnethane™; (3) ZipLink; and (4) MonoPro®. PolyProPlus® is Beltservice's premium line of European-style thermoplastic belting that is designed for durability and extended service life. Magnethane™ belts and products are made of an exclusive blend of FDA- approved metal detectable thermoplastic resins. ZipLink belts combine rubber cover materials with a structured spiral link mesh that can be easily spliced at any length into a continouus belt – without the need for special tools. MonoPro® includes all other specifications in Beltservice's broad inventory of highly versatile lightweight thermoplastic belts. Detailed specifications of PolyPro Plus®, ZipLink, and MonoPro® belts are on pages 58-61. Also see ProTurn® power turn belts on pages 22-24 PolyPro Plus® belts (pgs. 17, 18 and 60) feature: • Excellent dimensional stability • Meets FDA and EU regulations • Can be used in a wide range of applications • Several specifications are ideal for corrugated sidewall and/or cleat fabrications • Belts lay absolutely flat with no edge curling • Exceptional splice quality If any part of a Magnethane™ belt should chip, abrade, or separate into the product being con- veyed, a properly calibrated metal detector will register. Magnethane™ belts and parts are the next generation of "safety net" products for progressive food manufacturers and packagers. For product specifications or more information, contact a Magnethane™ product specialist at 800-727-2358 or e-mail sales@beltservice.com. For assistance with a belt recommendation or to learn more about Beltservice's brand name light- weight thermoplastic belts, call 800-727-2358. E-mail inquiries to sales@beltservice.com. QUALITY LIGHTWEIGHT THERMOPLASTIC BRAND NAMES Lightweight Thermoplastic Belting ZipLink belts (pgs. 60-61) feature: • Quick and easy splices without special tools • No loss of strength in splice area • Low stretch polyester monofilament carcass • Troughable • Ideal for conveying situations where minimum downtime is critical MonoPro® belts (pgs. 17-23 and 58-61) encom- pass the majority of Beltservice's lightweight European-style IN STOCK thermoplastic inven- tory. Cover compounds and surface textures are offered for most conveying situations: FDA reg- ulation, extreme temperature resistance, oil and fat resistance, cut and abrasion resistance, and sticky product release. TM 103HCR 103RG ® Positive Drive Belts Value Added Fabrications Magnetic detectable belts, V-guide, and parts 108MRG 201 202LR 202 201 203 200 ®