Advantages of Boxroll • Truly endless belt: the seamless execution of Boxroll enables stability, a straight directional operation and the absence of a preferential breaking point (weakness points); • A lower elongation at nominal operating rates thanks to a more stiff tension member; • Higher resistance to abrasion and to continuing flexural stress of top cover; • Higher dragging ability, even in case of decrease of overall thickness; • Higher operating flexibility enabling the adoption of smaller pulleys; • Operating versatility of Boxroll over plain or coated pulleys as well as over metal support plates; • Reversible drive allow high production flexibility; • No staining and auto regenerative compound; Available sizes • Inner length: from 290 mm up to 6 m • Width: from 8 up to 1500 mm* • Thickness: from 5 up to 12 mm* • Drilling: from Ø3 to Ø20 mm BOXROLLTRULYENDLESSBELTSFORFOLDERING AND GLUING MACHINERY Belt TS has developed Boxroll Belts together with the technicians of Machinery Manufacturers, as well as with the End Users. Boxroll Belts perform special features that allow their adoption in a wide range of industrial applications. The rubber compound suits materials like: • Coated and un-coated paper • Board and box board • Cast coated paper • Any type of boards The carcass made of special fabrics inserts performs a high strength rate, as well as a lower elongation rate (stretch). Boxroll structure allows an easy centering on board also. Boxroll Belts *wider width and higher thickness available upon request