LATERAL STRAIGHT CURBS* 75 or 125 mm (3” or 5”) curb heights; applied by hot vulcanization or cold bonding. Available as loose replacement curbs for cold bonding on-site FLAT TRAPEZOIDAL CURBS Applied by cold bonding LIFTING FLAT CURBS With inner guides integrally molded with the cover as a one piece construction CORRUGATED LATERAL CURBS Heights up to 150mm (6”); applied by cold bonding BeltTS WEAR BELTS EXTENDS THE LIFE OF THE DRAINAGE BELT WHILE MAINTAINING A VACUUM SEAL Horizontal belt filters (HBF) are equipped with wear belts that protect the drainage belt from premature wear caused by friction. Wear belts also act as a seal to prevent the loss of vacuum pressure (see diagram). For optimum service life, BeltTS wear belts are made with abrasion and chemical resistant rubber compounds. Using the highest quality construction, any possible slippage is avoided and vacuum pressure remains constant. CURB DESIGN AND BELT STRUCTURE Containment curbs, or skirts, increase the capacity of horizontal drainage belts and help prevent spillage. Curb styles and heights are supplied by BeltTS in a variety of profile designs. The most common include: *Now Stocked in the USA