Example of textile carcass drainage belt with transverse grooves. Finished belts will have molded rubber edges. Example of 10mm diameter holes in grooves. GROOVING AND DRILLING Molded or machine groove capabilities to create any customized drainage pattern. GROOVE TYPES • Flat – No inclination between center and edges • Sloped – Having an inclination between center and edges • Groove Shapes: (1) Round; (2) Square; or (3) “V” FABRIC-FREE ZONES This process protects the carcass from exposure to damaging chemicals in the liquid slurry being conveyed and extends the belt's service life. SPLICING OPTIONS • Manufactured endless with a hot vulcanized splice • Belt made with prepared ends to be spliced endless on-site by hot vulcanization or cold bonding • Belt manufactured with lateral curbs, or curbs can be shipped loose for on-site installation DRAINAGE BELT STANDARD BASE BELT CONSTRUCTIONS* • 3-Ply 330 PIW Black 110 lb. Poly x Poly • 4-Ply 440 PIW Black 110 lb. Poly x Poly • 4-Ply 560 PIW Black 140 lb. Poly x Poly • 5-Ply 550 PIW Black 110 lb. Poly x Poly * Other fabrics and compounds are available. Contact us to determine an appropriate base construction. DRAINAGE BELT DIMENSIONS • Overall thickness to 40 mm (1-1/2”) and higher • One piece widths to 3320 mm (130”) are standard and can be made up to 4700 mm (185”) wide with a hot vulcanized longitudinal splice • Belt lengths available to over 100 meters (328’)