Beltservice Corporation’s new FabClimb belts feature cleats that are fully molded into the belt cover. The cleats and the cover are one unit. This proven production method prevents cleats from separating from the cover, which can take place when uncured cleats are vulcanized to a cured belt cover. Additional benefits are: increased flexibility to operate on smaller pulleys at high speed; excellent resistance to gouging, puncturing, and impact at load point; and strong fastener holding abilitiy. Aggressive 1-1/4” high cleats increase production capacity, withstand abrasion, enhance belt life, and protect the top cover of the belt. Standard styles of conveyor belt usually fail in the splice area. Our special splicing techniques developed from years of experience result in a virtually seamless joint that withstands even the toughest applications. FabClimb’s one piece construction, where cleats, cover, fabric, and splice are manufactured in a single process, provides the industry’s most reliable and productive belts. INDUSTRIES • Aggregate • Lumber • Cement • Recycling • Scrap metal • Minerals • Road construction • Agriculture BENEFITS • Integrally molded • Inclines up to 45 degrees • Superior lace retention • Abrasion resistance • Excellent load support • Excellent troughability • Nested cleats • Smooth return APPLICATIONS • Cold planers • Sugar beets • Wood chips • Sand & gravel • Coal & salt • Grain • Construction materials FabClimb Integrally Molded Heavy Duty Belting