LONGHORN Longhorn has 1” high tapered “gum drop” cleats that are arranged in a staggered chevron pattern on 12” centers. Designed to handle heavy and wet materials such as sand, its taller, thicker cleat profile is used where more “Bite” on the product is required. Available in cleat widths 12“to 48” and belt widths 12“ to 60”. CLEAT SPECIFICATIONS Cleat Height: 1” Cleat Thickness: 3/4” - 7/16“ (gumdrop) Cleat Spacing: 6” (centers) Cleat Type: Staggered Chevron BELT SPECIFICATIONS Constructions available with various cover gauges and compounds. Base Fabric: Synthetic Cover Compound: SBR Temp. Range: -20° / 180° F Minimum Pulley Diameter: 8” Base Belts Available In Following Working Strengths • 150 lb. • 220 lb. • 240 lb. • 330 lb. • 400 lb. CLEAT PROFILE - 7/16” 3/4” 1” Longhorn 1” Tall Belt Width: 12”- 60” Cleat Width: 12”- 48” (In 6”Increments) 12” FABTOUGH Features & Benefits FabTough street sweeper belts are the highest quality pick-up belts available for broom sweepers. Engineered for severe environments, FabTough belting will keep sweepers up and running at peak performance. FabTough sweeper belts are designed for longer performance and extended service life, versus the standard replacement belts currently available in the market. The FabTough belt incorporates two layers of heavy-duty blended fabric that is less prone to stretch and punctures along with a thicker top cover which increases belt life. A custom blended cleat compound is then integrally molded to the top surface providing excellent durability in all operating conditions and environments. • GREATER BELT STRENGTH • DECREASED BELT STRETCH • WEAR RESISTANCE • LOWER COST • LESS REPLACEMENT LABOR • BOOST PRODUCTIVITY • LESS DOWN TIME • CLEATS GUARANTEED TO NEVER SEPARATE FROM THE BELT