FABLON SPECIAL PROFILES MOLDED AND CURED IN ONE OPERATION Top Flight™ • Lateral cleats 3/16” high on 6” centers. • Longitudinal cleats 3/16” high on 4” centers. • Raised buttons at corners of pattern allow for drainage of wet product. • Operates like a flat belt. • Replaces more expensive cleated belts or flat belts where roll-back is a problem. • Patented design, runs on all types of conveyors without special idlers. Crosstop™ • Cleats 3/8” x 3/8“ taper to 1/4”. • Pattern 8” x 8” • Pattern provides constant belt support from the conveyor return idlers – runs as smooth and effortlessly as a flat belt. • No special return idlers required. • Open pattern allows water drainage and ease of cleaning. Fablon profile belts are manufactured from heavy-duty synthetic fabric with high-grade covers and cleats. Custom constructions are available with various cover gauges and compounds One-Piece Construction Cover, cleats and belt are molded in one operation 48 inches wide and cut to your desired width. Fablon Special Profile Belts On Heavy-Duty Synthetic Fabric Belt Description Fablon Top Flight Fablon Crosstop Covers 1/8” x FS 1/8” x FS Cover Compound MORS MORS Oil Resistant Moderate Moderate Total Belt Thickness 7/16” 9/16” Wt. Per Sq. Ft. 1.47 lbs. 1.47 lbs. Temp. Range F -20˚/+220˚ -20˚/+220˚ Min. Pulley Dia. Inches 6 6 Fasteners Flexco / Clipper #62, #125 / #3 #62, #125 / #3 Working Strength PIW 150 lbs. 150 lbs.