Super Abrasion Resistant Air Permeable Fabric The unique construction of WearSlide combines the best features of non-woven polyester with the durability of rubber. The result is an easy-to-install, long lasting and durable, abrasion resistant air permeable fabric in a class by itself. Its rubber impregnated fibers and non-woven construction provide exact tolerances in thickness, texture and, most importantly, permeability, which makes WearSlide the ideal airslide fabric. Avail- able in two different permeability values. It can be used in both open and closed airslides to handle a wide variety of materials including cement, alumina, fly ash, silica, barite, flour, resins, kaolin, and many other dry bulk powders that lend themselves to fluidization. WearSlide Features • Easy to install – no stretching required • Cut and gouge resistant due to polyester/rubber construction • Uniform and consistent permeability • Will not fray or unravel when cut or shaped • Excellent bolt holding strength • Lateral rigidity minimizes sag • Polyester/rubber construction resistant to dry rot and mildew • Needled construction reduces “blinding” common with woven fabrics WearSlide WearSlide