Solid Woven Polyester Woven Fabric Types We are a full service stocking distributor of the finest solid woven air permeable fabrics. These fabrics, which are engineered specifically for air gravity conveyors and fluidized beds, are carried in large inventories for fast delivery and dependable service to our customers. Three styles of woven polyester are available. WPLP Low Permeability 100% Woven Polyester WPMP Medium Permeability 100% Woven Polyester WPHP High Permeability 100% Woven Polyester 1 2 3 Live Bottom Silo Air Permeable Fabric Air Intake Air Gravity Pneumatic Conveyor AMERICAN MADE WOVEN POLYESTER Our woven polyester fabrics each have their own air permeable specification and provide the best material and construction available. These solid woven fabrics are the best traditional style air gravity membranes on the market and are made of 100% spun polyester fibers. Multiple plies are interwoven for superior strength and abrasion resistance. They are constructed specifically for this application and have consistent / uniform airflow and excellent service life. Whether it is an emergency situation or a scheduled maintenance procedure, we have the exact air permeable belt specification you need. Industries&Applications • Cement • Barite • Alumina • Flour • Fly Ash • Silica Sand • Pumice • Kaolin • Resins • Chemicals