The growth of the frac sand industry has resulted in numerous OEMs entering the market to provide frac sand delivery vehicles. Each has a slightly different approach but most involve the use of sidewall belts. MAJOR FEATURES: • Heavy duty, abrasion resistant rubber base belts available in cross-rigid and non-cross rigid multi-ply construction. The lateral rigidity of the cross rigid belts allows for the ability to negotiate upturn and downturn transition bends on the conveyor. • The corrugated sidewalls are constructed of fiber-loaded compounds (exclusive to Beltwall) to mitigate the propagation of cuts and tears. • The sidewalls are available in a variety of heights and are attached to the base belt via cold or hot bond. • Cleats and profiles are hot vulcanized onto the base belt to ensure the highest adhesion levels possible. • With over 300 belt specifications stocked, a wide variety of base belts are available. The most common are Heavy Duty 2-ply 220PIW 3/16 x 1/16 and Cross Rigid 4-ply 220PIW 3/16 x 1/16. • A variety of end preparations are available to facilitate easy installation at the jobsite. CUSTOM FABRICATION: • For new applications, contact the Beltwall Division of Beltservice. Let us put our years of experience to work in deriving the best, most cost competitive design. • For existing applications where the current belt design does not meet the operational requirements, we can provide alternative suggestions. FRACWALL BELTING FRACWALL BELTING Sand fracking is accomplished by pumping highly pressurized fracking slurry from the wellbore into a reservoir rock formation deep below the earth’s surface. The energy from the injection creates new channels or fractures in the rock. The sand particulates prevent the fractures from closing when the injection is stopped, thus facilitating recovery of the natural gas or oil. Custom Designed - Multi-Pocket Belt Data Monitoring Van Frac Pumps Wellhead Frac Blender Gel Slurry Transport Frac Tanks - Stimulation Fluid Storage Sand Storage Units Chemical Storage Truck