VS Conventional Troughed Belt Incline Conveyor A DIVISION OF BELTSERVICE CORPORATION Objective: Convey 275 TPH of 100 PCF aggregate to a feed elevation of 200 ft. Methods: 1) Conventional 30” wide troughed belt incline conveyor manufactured with heavy duty deep truss and required supports. 300 FPM @ 18° incline. 2) Beltwall 42” wide high incline sidewall conveyor manufactured with enclosed self-supporting structure. 375 FPM @ 90° incline. Exclusions: This engineering take-off is a budgetary estimate provided by Beltwall and designed to give an indication of costs that could be related to the engineering and manufacturing of a conveying system. All figures shown are based on U.S.A. price levels and are only an estimate of actual costs. Due to Beltwall not having full details of the interface with the rest of the material handling system, there could be deviations in the estimated systems which could change actual costs. This take-off should not be used for any other purpose nor should it be interpreted as a quotation.