Complete and Fax to (314) 344-8511 or email to Beltwall Division Beltservice Corporation 4143 Rider Trail North, Earth City (St. Louis), MO 63045 (314) 344-8500 • Fax: (314) 344-8511 • (800) 365-2358 • All Sales are subject to Beltservice’s/Beltwall’s standard terms of sale contained in its invoices, copies of which will be Provided upon request. Your order will be deemed an acceptance of those terms. FIGURE NO. A B C D E F A C E F D A B B E F B E A F C B C F E FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2 FIGURE 3 FIGURE 4 FIGURE 5 C D DESIGN INFORMATION — All BELTS Cliente: Domicilio: Ciudad/Estado/C.P.: Contact: Phone: Fax: Email: CONFIGURATION EXISTING BELT "S" "C" EW C BW SW R R H Cleat Types "I" A DIVISION OF BELTSERVICE CORPORATION ® Order Information Data The completion of the following charts will normally provide all the information necessary to select the proper Beltwall belting for a specific application. Belt Length Belt Width (BW) Sidewall Height (H) Sidewall Recess (R) Sidewall Width (SW) Effective Width (EW) Belt Speed Belt Type Covers Cleat Height (C) Cleat Type Cleat Spacing Pulley Dia. End Prep. Material: Required Capacity: STPH (MTPH) Density: lbs./ft.3 (T/M3) Angle of Surcharge: o Lump Size: Min. Max. Max. Temperature: Oily Condition? Yes No Moisture? % Belt Width Preference? in (mm) Belt Speed Preference? ft/min (m/s) BWRV1