BELTWALL Components Sidewall, Cleats, and Basebelts Each belt consists of two sidewalls bonded to a cross-rigid base belt. Cleats are vulcanized onto the base belt between the walls for steep angle material handling. The sidewalls can be recessed for clearance and belt support through bend sections. Beltwall Sidewalls • Offered in a variety of compounds including Black Standard, Oil Resistant, Heat Resistant, Flame Retardant, and White FDA. • Heights range from 1” (25mm) to 16“ (406mm). • All sidewalls are impregnated with microscopic fibers to maximize resistance to cuts. • Heights 6” (152mm) and above are reinforced with a specially woven fabric ply. Beltwall Cleats • Three distinct profiles are offered to optimize capacity at any angle. • All cleats are hot vulcanized onto the base belt providing the strongest possible bond. • Cleats 5.5” (140mm) and taller are a two part construction consisting of a urethane cleat blade bolted into a rubber cleat base vulcanized onto the base belt. Beltwall Cross Rigid Base Belt • Rubber covers are offered in a variety of compounds, abrasion resistance grades, and gauges. • The base belt consists of two cross rigid plies for maximum lateral stability This allows the belt to be deflected from the horizontal to an incline/decline and to be supported by stub idlers on the return path without sagging. • Unique construction allows use of fabric cross rigid belts where other manufacturers must use steel cable belts. • Steel Cable cross rigid belts (below) are available for high tension applications. Tension Plies Cross Rigid Plies I - 2 Piece I - Rubber S - 2 Piece S - Rubber C - Rubber