11 Incline Belting 3 Ply Tan and Blue Carbox Nitrile Roughtop Carbox nitrile roughtop yields vastly longer service life than rubber roughtop. It is ideal where regular roughtop surfac- es wear down quickly and must be replaced. They features a strong synthetic carcass. *No. 61b, with friction surface bot- tom, and 61c are also stocked but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. These belts are popular for handling cardboard cartons. 61 3 Ply 135 Tan Carbox Nitrile Roughtop x Bare 3 Ply 150 Blue Carbox Nitrile Roughtop x Bare 61b 3 Ply Black V-Ridge Cross corrugated peaks are equivalent to small cleats; will con- vey on high inclines. M-shaped ridges are soft, yet durable, and will self clean as they go around pulleys. Frequently used to convey cardboard cartons. 62 3 Ply CP30 Black V-Ridge x FS 3 Ply Black Duralift Long wearing, solid inverted V-shaped ridges prevent back sliding on high inclines. Self-cleaning belt is popular as case conveyor belt in the bottling industry. 63 3 Ply CP30 Black Duralift x FS 3 Ply Black and Tan Gum Steepgrade Features soft, oval-shaped nubs for gripping packages and products for very steep inclines. The molded projections pre- vent slip-back, providing a cushioning, pocketing effect for all sizes and shapes of boxes. No. 65 Tan Genuine Pure Gum is softer durometer for the highest inclines. Both are good for slider bed applications. 3 Ply CP30 Black Steepgrade x FS 64 65 3 Ply CP30 Tan Genuine Pure Gum Steepgrade x FS BELT SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE! CALL FOR DETAILS. 61a 62 63 65 3 Ply 150 Blue Carbox Nitrile Roughtop x FS* 61a 3 Ply Black Ribflex Top surface features soft flexible parallel ribs enabling it to convey on the steepest inclines. Maintains full incline ability throughout life of the belt. 66 3 Ply CP30 Black Ribflex x FS Black and Tan Wedgegrip Belts are constructed of plies of high-strength flexible synthetic carcass and feature a diamond-top surface molded in a diago- nal rib design with an unusually high coefficient of friction; for conveying packaged and bagged goods up the very steepest of inclines. Tan Wedgegrip is non-marking. 3 ply No. 67b is used for sanding applications. * See additional specialty surface fin- ishing belts 53a, 135, 136W, 137, and 139. 2 Ply 150 Black Wedgegrip x Bare 67 2 Ply 150 Tan Wedgegrip x Bare 67a 3 Ply 225 Tan Wedgegrip x Bare* 67b PVC Roughtops Uni-ply construction and PVC vinyl compounds result to com- bine all the best properties for high-traction incline conveying and best resistance to oils, greases, industrial chemicals, abuse, and stretch. The green Supergrip has a softer durometer for the highest grab and steepest inclines. 68/86 69/87 PVC - 120 Black Roughtop x FS PVC - 120 Green Supergrip Roughtop x FS 66 67b 69/87 61c 3 Ply 225 Blue Carbox Nitrile Roughtop x Bare*