Magnetic Separator Belts SUSPENDED MAGNETIC SEPARATOR MACHINE Electromagnet Pulleys Product Conveyed Stainless Steel Cleat Magnetic Separator Belt Metal Contaminant Conveyor Magnetic Separator machines may also be p l a c e d a t an incline. • Heavy duty rubber belt with hot vulcanized rubber cleats • Heavy duty rubber belt with stainless steel angle iron cleats attached • Urethane belt (Ure-Clad) with urethane cleats • Urethane belt with suspended ceramic chips in top cover • Heavy duty rubber belt covers with stainless steel armor-cladding • Perforated belts for attaching angle iron cleats/armor-cladding A VARIETY OF MAGNETIC SEPARATOR BELTS AVAILABLE URETHANE BELT CERAMIC CHIP COVER STAINLESS STEEL ANGLE IRON CLEAT Beltservice also offers stainless steel angle iron cleats and ureth- ane belts. Angle iron cleats can be applied to heavy duty rubber belting. Ceramic chips can be added to urethane belts for incre- ased abrasion resistance.