SCRAPERS Belt scrapers of all types can be made from urethane. Different gauges, widths, and heights are all available along with your choice of square or beveled edges. Urethane scrapers are far superior to the common rubber style of scrapers. MAGNETIC SEPARATOR BELTS Magnetic separator belts operating in the toughest of applications such as metal recycling can often avoid premature failure when designed with urethane covers and urethane cross cleats. SPLICES Our various base belts are available with optional splice designs, such as Urethane saturated finger splices, hidden fasteners, and standard mechanical fasteners. SPLICES Tight gauge tolerances call for precision grinding capabilities. In-house state-of-the-art equipment enables us to produce precision ground covers within .005”. URETHANE PARTS Molded or cut urethane parts outlast rubber parts through our consistent manufacturing methods, quality material, in-house mold production, and experienced staff. Our custom Urethane Parts meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. CLAD_REV_9_17 4143 Rider Trail North | St. Louis, MO 63045 314-344-8500 | 800-727-2358 | Fax: 314-344-8511 | TEXAS 800-727-2358 Fax: 314-344-8511 BOISE 800-423-4469 Fax: 208-343-8043 CANADA 877-210-7423 Fax: 905-565-9224 SACRAMENTO 800-289-2358 Fax: 916-419-0173 PORTLAND 800-347-9251 Fax: 503-285-5380 BELTSERVICE DE MÉXICO 5255-5362-0434 Fax: 5255-5362-0261 PHILADELPHIA 800-777-1314 Fax: 215-295-5810 CHARLOTTE 800-849-2358 Fax: 704-949-2104 BELTSERVICE MONTERREY 81-1090-0006 Twitter@BeltserviceMty WIRE MESH Extreme heavy-duty applications such as coil wrapper machines call for our unique urethane encapsulated wire mesh conveyor belt. Custom made to your dimensions, this durable urethane product may reduce expensive downtime.