10 Package Handling / Utility / Incline Beling Black Smooth Nitrile Top x Bare No. 53a is a smooth top belt used for the wood sander and metal finishing industries. Abuse-resistant nitrile top cover makes this belt ideal for oily cut and gouge applications. 53a 4 Ply 180 Black 3/32" Smooth Nitrile Top x Bare 2 Ply Black, Tan, and Gray Roughtop Construction is two plies of high-strength, all-synthetic polyester fabrics. Very flexible, yet stretch and moisture resistant incline/decline belts. Tan and gray roughtop are non marking. No. 54(FR) is a premium fire resistant belt and an excellent choice for spiral incline power turn systems; see page 22 for more information. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. 2 Ply 150 Black Roughtop x Bare 2 Ply 150 Tan Roughtop x Bare 54 55 2 ply 210 Gray Roughtop x Bare 55a 53a 55a 3 and 4 Ply Black Roughtop Long a popular standard in the industry. Often used as pul- ley lagging. The cotton/polyester blend carcass of Nos. 56 and 57 gives a hefty appearance and cushioning effect. No. 56a is an excellent choice for high tension systems that require a belt with low-stretch characteristics. 3 Ply CP 30 Black Roughtop x FS 3 Ply 225 Black Roughtop x Bare 56 56a 57 4 Ply CP 30 Black Roughtop x FS 57 2 Ply Bare Bottom These belts feature a high-strength 2 ply polyester carcass. No. 51 is ideal for applications requiring a low coefficient of friction on both the top and bottom. No. 52 is an eco- nomical general purpose package handling belt, also used in agriculture. 2 Ply 220 Tan Bare x Bare 2 Ply 150 Black 1/32" x Bare 51 52 52 Tan Rubber & Pure Gum Roughtop Tan color is non-marking. The genuine gum is soft durometer for highest grab, steepest inclines and long wear where re- quired. The tan rubber is more economical, yet highly service- able. Three and four ply bare bottom construction is popular for sanding machinery applications. 3 Ply CP 30 Tan Rubber Roughtop x FS 58 59 2 Ply 160 Tan Pure Gum Roughtop x Bare 59a 3 Ply 180 Tan Pure Gum Roughtop x Bare 59b 4 Ply 240 Tan Pure Gum Roughtop x Bare 59c 3 Ply CP 30 Tan Genuine Pure Gum Roughtop x FS 3 Ply Brown Roughtop Nitrile construction resists oil, heat, grease, and chemical exposure. Our specification is made of 135 lb.-rated all polyester for good strength and low stretch, yet is very flex- ible for small pulleys. The Butyl properties of 60c provide good resistance to heat, chemicals, abrasion and is an excel- lent option for shock absorption. *In stock but not shown in our full line sample catalog 3 Ply Poly 135 Brown Nitrile Roughtop x FS 60 59c 60 3 Ply 225 Tan Pure Gum Roughtop x Bare 60a 3 Ply 225 Tan Rubber Roughtop x Bare 60b 2 ply 150 Black Roughtop x Bare FR* 54FR 2 Ply Bare Bottom Moderately Oil Resistant No. 53 is for heavier moderate oil resistant applications needing a tough cover with a low-friction bottom. Cut and gouge resistant No. 53b features a higher-strength carcass. The 53c combines excellent abrasion resistance and long flex life with moderate oil resisting properties. It is an ideal belt for conveying oily whole grains and wood chips. *In stock but not shown in our full line sample catalog 53c 2 Ply 160 Black 1/8" x Bare MOR 53 2 Ply 220 Black 1/8" Smooth Top x Bare MOR* 53b 2 Ply 220 Black 3/16" x Bare MOR 53c 3 Ply 180 Brown Butyl Roughtop x Bare* 60c