URECLAD FEATURES Experience has enabled us to produce high quality urethane solutions for numerous tough abrasive applications. Standard Ureclad material is formulated to produce a high grade thermoset product. The castability of our thermoset formula results in a highly abrasion resistant, yet millable, finished urethane. PROTOTYPE TESTING PROCESS Standard 90±5, Shore A Durometer WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE CUSTOM COLORS Test a prototype in realistic working conditions before making a substantial investment. Covers, cleats, chevrons, and v-guides are available in our standard durometer. Other grades available with minimum volume requirements. Can withstand maximum of 180°F. Customer specified formulations may require different temperature ranges. Urethane parts can be produced in customer’s specific colors to promote their brand identity. 0° 180° x 5,000 IN-HOUSE TOOL & DIE SHOP We can produce the necessary molds required for custom proprietary products and quality can be continuously monitored.