Groove Patterns Drainage Hole Patterns Fabric-Free Zones Bottom Guides Skirts Filter belt grooves are usually one of three basic shapes: V, Round, or U. The purpose of the grooves is to transport the liquid being drained to the drainage holes of the belt. The area between the grooves, the ribs, supports the filter cloth and keeps it from filling the drainage holes. Grooves are either cut or molded into the top cover of the belt, leaving the carcass intact an d protected. V-Shaped Round-Shaped U-Shaped A variety of drainage hole patterns are available for different filter applications. The drainage holes usually straddle the ribs between two grooves, allowing one hole to drain two grooves. Hole patterns can be repeated across the width of the filtration belt if needed. The most common hole patterns are shown. Single Hole Double Hole Oval Hole When the fabric plies of the belt must be protected from the filtered liquid, Beltservice offers transfer belts with fabric-free zones. These belts have the carcass removed from the exposed areas around the drain holes and belt edges. The remainder of the carcass is safely protected by a solid wall of rubber. Fabric-Free Edge Fabric-Free Drainage Hole Transfer belts often have a guide on the bottom of the belt to keep the drainage holes centered over the vacuum chamber and to aid in tracking. In some cases multiple guides are found on the bottom of the belt for increased capacity. Drain holes run through the transfer belt and bottom guide when the guide is located over the vacuum channel. Applications Skirts increase the capacity of the filter press and help prevent spillage. Skirt styles and heights are determined for each specific application. The most common styles are shown. Flange Wedge Cleat ALSO AVAILABLE: Wear Belts, Extruded Parts, and Skirts. Flap HORIZONTAL BELT FILTER PRESS APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: • Waste Management • Food Processing • Chemical Processing • Dye & Pigment Processing • Paper Conversion • Pharmaceutical Production • Mining These are just a few of the industries that utilize horizontal belt filter presses.