MECHANICALLY SPLICED FEEDER BELTS An assortment of mechanical fasteners are available for most feeder belt splicing situations. Mechanical splic- es offer economy and quick belt installation and change-out. Beltservice also provides the option of a covered or hidden splice in which the mechanical fastener is hidden beneath the cover of the belt. Three types of cov- ered or hidden splice fabrications are offered: • COVERED (HIDDEN) SPLICE – TOP COVER In this splice, the mechanical fastener is hidden beneath the top cover of the belt. This creates a smooth, nearly seamless surface on the carrying side of the belt. Ideal for applications where fine or particulate materials need to be prevented from working through a traditional mechanical fastener into the conveyor components, or where the belt is cleaned by a scraper. • COVERED (HIDDEN) SPLICE – BOTTOM COVER This splice is similar to the splice above, but with the bottom cover over the mechanical fastener. This splice is designed to protect the pulleys and rollers from the mechanical fasteners and keeps the lace from deflecting weigh roll- ers on gravimetric feeders. • COVERED (HIDDEN) SPLICE – BOTH COVERS Provides the ease of installation of a mechanical fastener with the smooth op- eration of a vulcanized belt. Both the product and the conveyor are protected from marring by the mechanical fasteners. This splice also prevents the lace from deflecting weigh rollers on gravimetric feeders. • STANDARD MECHANICAL LACING A variety of standard mechanical fasteners are offered with hinge pins for an easy, quick and secure method of joining belt ends. Types include Alligator, Clipper, Flexco, Minet and others. Avoid lacing problems with feeder belt orders by utilizing the lacing expertise of our Feeder Belt department. Beltservice: “The Belting Professionals” THE RIGHT FEEDER BELT WHEN YOU NEED IT Beltservice’s objective is to furnish our customers with a full range of belting products and services at competitive prices with timely deliveries. Priority service is also available at an additional charge when necessary in breakdown or emergency situations. All sales are subject to Beltservice's standard terms of sale contained in its invoices, copies of which will be provided upon request. Your order will be deemed an acceptance of those terms. © Beltservice Corporation