Beltservice manufactures a complete line of flat and fabricated belts for the most popular gravimetric and volumetric weigh feeders. Weigh feeders control the flow of fuel to the coal pulverizers in coal fired power stations. Belt feeders are also used in conveying ore, rock, limestone, minerals and even food grade products into a variety of processing equipment. Our feeder belt fabrications include: • FLAT FEEDER BELTS • FLANGED FEEDER BELTS • BOTTOM V-GUIDED FEEDER BELTS • CLEATED FEEDER BELTS • ENDLESS FEEDER BELTS • MECHANICALLY SPLICED FEEDER BELTS • CORRUGATED SIDEWALL FEEDER BELTS • FOOD GRADE FEEDER BELTS FLANGED FEEDER BELTS Flanged feeder belts increase conveyor capacity and help prevent product spillage. Care must be taken to operate flanged belts on the proper diameter pulleys. Consult Beltservice’s Feeder Belt Department for recommendations by calling 800-727-2358 or e-mail VULCANIZED ENDLESS FEEDER BELTS A hot-vulcanized endless splice is stronger than a mechanically laced joint. Endless vulcanized splicing eliminates fastener pull out and tearing of the belt; belt life and performance are maximized. Food grade feeder belts made with a vulcanized endless splice are stronger and more sanitary than belts having an endless mechanical splice. CLEATED FEEDER BELTS Cleated feeder belts can be custom designed and manufactured to improve the operation of feeders in some unique applications and environments. Cleats can be hot vulcanized to belts in a variety of heights, shapes, spacing and compounds to address the requirements of almost any situation. BOTTOM V-GUIDE FEEDER BELTS Bottom V-Guides help minimize belt tracking problems on weigh feeder machinery with short centers. Proper V-guide installation helps eliminate uneven belt tension and excess wandering. As with side flanges, V-guides can be notched or modified in order to negotiate smaller pulleys. BELTSERVICE FEEDER BELTS: QUALITY BELTSERVICE CUSTOM FABRICATED FEEDER BELTS