9 Transmission / Package Handling / Utility Belting 3 & 4 Ply Silicone-Covered Hot Stock and Water Specially designed for applications requiring release of wet, sticky, or warm products like uncured rubber and PVC. These belts are used primarily in the tire and rubber indus- try. Coatings available in different colors and thicknesses. Other base belts available, priced on application. 3 Ply Red Silicone-Covered HSW 4 Ply Red Silicone-Covered HSW 3 Ply HSW with 1/32" White Smooth Silicone x FS 46a 46b 46c 4 Ply Hot Stock and Water Bare duck surface down for lowest possible friction for slider bed use, and up for deflector bar applications; ideal as slip-top belt for “stall” operations. As a “hot stock and water” belt, it is used for conveying uncured rubber in tire plants. Construction is 1 ply of bare hard sliver duck and the other three of 28 oz. cotton. 4 Ply Hot Stock and Water 47 46b 47 Round Leather Belting Extruded Plastic and Urethane Belting High Speed Lapless Belts The leather for round leather belting is selected for maximum strength and processed to give long life with minimum stretch. Popular for sewing machine drives. Offered in oak tanned and extra quality hair-on. Belting material is ideal for replacement of V-belts, round belts and cable belts for complex motion sys- tems involving multidirectional belting. It outwears leather and rubber in most applications and resists deterioration from moisture, sunlight, oils, greases, solvents and most chemicals over long periods of time. Easy to make any belt length you need. These belts feature a woven endless (no lap) synthetic carcass with oil-resistant neoprene impregnation. Suitable for very high speeds on small pulleys with minimum vibration. Very economical belt. CP 30 1/16" Smooth x FS Popular general-purpose utility belt featuring tough rubber top cover and friction surface bottom for slider bed use. Heavy duck plies give belt good rigidity and body. Com- monly used in the lumber industry. Is often used as 4" wide belts on V-guided APC conveyors. 3 Ply CP 30 Black 1/16" x FS 48 48 CP 30 1/16" Pebbletop x FS This belt features the same rugged construction as No. 48, but has a “pebbletop” rippled textured pattern for increased traction. No. 49 is a popular replacement belt for 4 inch wide V-guided APC conveyors. 3 Ply CP 30 Black 1/16" Pebbletop x FS 49 49 1/8" Urethane Cover x FS This premium belt features a cast polyurethane cover 1/8” thick. Recommended where highly abrasive cutting action would destroy a rubber-covered belt in short order. Particu- larly suitable for wear pads, cutting blocks, stamping opera- tions, die cutting, roof tile manufacturing, and belt sanding units. Excellent for sharp steel parts and scrap. Available in various colors for special orders. 50 3 Ply Hot Stock and Water Black 1/8" Urethane x FS 50