4143 Rider Trail North | St. Louis, MO 63045 314-344-8500 | 800-727-2358 | Fax: 314-344-8511 beltservice.com | sales@beltservice.com We stock an extensive inventory of many different types of lining material including abrasion resistant rubber, gum rubber, Linatex, CI sheet, and Jade Green. These materials are stocked in the most popular gauges, can be ordered in full rolls, or cut to length and width. Many of these materials can also be used in conjunction with our water-jet cutting capabilities to manufacture items such as gaskets, vestibule curtains, table mats, and roll-up doors. Precision cut parts, gaskets, and vestibule curtains are available in a wide variety of materials with state-of-the-art water-jet cutting technology. This CNC controlled high-tech equipment makes it possible to produce identical custom parts quickly and without added cost of dies or tooling for both short runs or large quantities. DXF (CAD) or IGES files can be loaded directly into the water-jet’s computer or drawings can be scanned to insure exact tolerances on a repeatable basis. Exceptional edge quality is produced without the introduction of heat or solvents maintaining the structural integrity and uniformity of the material being cut. LINING MATERIAL WATER-JET CUT PARTS TEXAS 800-727-2358 Fax: 314-344-8511 BOISE 800-423-4469 Fax: 208-343-8043 CANADA 877-210-7423 Fax: 905-565-9224 SACRAMENTO 800-289-2358 Fax: 916-419-0173 PORTLAND 800-347-9251 Fax: 503-285-5380 BELTSERVICE DE MÉXICO 5255-5362-0434 Fax: 5255-5362-0261 PHILADELPHIA 800-777-1314 Fax: 215-295-5810 CHARLOTTE 800-849-2358 Fax: 704-949-2104 BELTSERVICE MONTERREY 81-1090-0006 Twitter@BeltserviceMty R_URU_REV_5_17