8 Light Duty / Transmission Belting Black Nitrile COS All-purpose conveyor belts with smooth nitrile top covers for assembly line, packaging, and a wide variety of indus- trial uses. The 2 ply is made with a cotton-polyester blend carcass. Flexible, yet strong, the 3 ply features a heavier polyester carcass for added stretch resistance. Both belts have superior oil, grease, and animal fat resistance, and good heat capability. FDA approved. 2 Ply CP 30 Black Nitrile COS 3 Ply Poly 135 Black Nitrile COS 29 30 Poly Black Checkout Belt Designed for checkout counters for best appearance and maximum serviceability. Strong yet flexible; cover is nick- resistant; low friction bottom; very economical for light in- dustrial uses. FDA approved. 2 Ply Poly 70 Black Checkout Belt 31 4 Ply Tan Sliptop The hard-woven, abrasive-resistant bare nylon top surface is virtually frictionless and therefore ideal for “stall” opera- tions or accumulating applications where the product must stop while the belt continues to move. Commonly used with automatic packaging machinery, and with gates or diverter arms. 4 Ply Tan Sliptop 32 BELT SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE! CALL FOR DETAILS. 30 31 32 Flat Leather Transmission Belting Leather is preferred for many applications because of its combined characteristics of high tensile strength, high co- efficient of friction and great flexibility. Leather is very durable and usually outlasts plied rubber belting. Available in many thicknesses. Single Leather Double Leather 36 37 Rubber Transmission - FS x FS Commonly known as friction surface and/or transmission belting, this belt has long been a standard for a wide variety of conveyor applications for both slider bed and roller ap- plications. Construction is cotton/nylon fabric plies bonded with resilient rubber compounding. Either side to pulley, vulcanized endless or metal laced. For applications where rubber covers are not necessary or desirable. 3 Ply CP30 Black FS x FS 3 Ply CP30 Tan FS x FS 38 39 4 Ply CP 30 Tan FS x FS 5 Ply CP 30 Tan FS x FS 40 41 35 oz. Silver Hard Duck Transmission Elevator FS x FS Constructed of rugged silver hard duck fabric plies with heavy skim coats between and friction surface both sides. These belts are formulated for severe conditions and rug- ged service. Excellent fastener-holding ability. Can be spliced endless or metal laced. Very good for elevator ap- plications. 4 Ply 35 oz. Tan FS x FS Silver Hard Duck 5 Ply 35 oz. Tan FS x FS Silver Hard Duck 42 43 6 Ply 35 oz. Tan FS x FS Silver Hard Duck 8 Ply 35 oz. Tan FS x FS Silver Hard Duck 44 45 37 41 45 3 Ply Hot Stock and Water* Bare duck surface down for lowest possible friction for slider bed use, and up for deflector bar applications; ideal as slip-top belt for “stall” operations. Its true use is for conveying uncured rubber in tire plants. 3 Ply Hot Stock and Water 46 46