7 Food Handling / Light Duty Belting Food Handling Belts (See pages 4 through 7,15-24, 30, 52-53, and 58-62.) HARVESTING BAKED GOODS FOOD PROCESSING BELT SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE! CALL FOR DETAILS. PVC - 100 White Roughtop x FS This rough-textured non-skid surface enables packages, boxes, cases and other products to be conveyed on incline or decline. Best resistance to oils, greases, water, chemi- cals, abuse and stretch. FDA accepted. PVC - 100 White Roughtop x FS OR 22 PVC - 100 White Chevron Top II x FS The herringbone pattern of alternating rows of solid PVC chevrons forms a cover highly capable of moving bulk, free-flowing materials such as grains, food stuffs, feeds, and fertilizers up steep inclines. Made of PVC with friction surface, this belt is resistant to mineral oil. FDA accepted. PVC - 100 White Chevron Top II x FS OR 23 PVC - 120 White Crescent Top II x FS Scoop crescent shape is ideal for incline conveying, as well as creating a multitude of tiny “buckets” for moving wet materials. The versatile pattern can also be reversed to drain a product while conveying on the incline. Unique pattern is self cleaning, and since the crescents overlap, there is constant contact with return rolls, virtually elimi- nating bumping and thumping. FDA accepted. PVC - 120 White Crescent Top x FS 23a 22 23 23a Brown Nitrile FBS Features a tightly woven blend of cotton and polyester plies impregnated with nitrile, producing a belt suitable for light and medium-weight conveying for a multitude of applications. Par- ticularly popular for oily conditions, especially the conveying of metal parts, also as carrying tapes for folding machines. Com- monlyusedforpowertransmissionbeltingintheheavierweights for conditions involving oil and heat. Economical. Very flexible. 5 Ply Brown Nitrile FBS 7 Ply Brown Nitrile FBS 3 Ply Brown Nitrile FBS 26a 24 25 26 9 Ply Brown Nitrile FBS Poly Black Heavy-Duty Nitrile FBS These belts are recommended for handling metal stampings, automotive parts, sheet steel, and any application requiring very high oil resistance. Features rugged, high-strength polyester carcass; suitable for medium-capacity transmis- sion belt where oil, grease or chemicals are present. Flex- ible, yet will withstand cutting, gouging, and abrasion. 4 Ply Poly 180 Black HD Nitrile FBS 5 Ply Poly 225 Black HD Nitrile FBS 27 28 4 Ply* Poly Black Neoprene FBS-SC Static conductive properties allow this belt to be used in electronic parts conveying and for other products sensitive to static discharge. 4 Ply Poly 180 Black Neoprene FBS-SC 27a 26 28 27a