4143 Rider Trail North • St. Louis, MO 63045 (314) 344-8500 • (800) 727-2358 • Fax: (314) 344-8511 beltservice.com - sales@beltservice.com BEARING GUIDE BELTS DISTRIBUTION CENTER BELTS POWER TURN BELTS Bearing Guide systems offer the perfect combination of high speed and the ability to transport heavier loads in all types of applications. We stock the following guide types: - 3/4” white nylon step bushing - 7/8” steel - 1” White nylon-covered - 1 3/8” white nylon-covered - 1 1/2” black nylon-covered All of our fabricated belts can be furnished complete with drive hardware attachments (grommets, bushings, rivets, etc.). Standard power turn belt applications are 45°, 90° and 180°; however, any belt for spiral lifts of 15° to 720° can be fabricated. In addition to timely delivery, our power turn belts and hardware provide our distributors with another “value added” product that can be offered to customers. Our equipment and tooling match existing power turn belt standards. In most cases, power turn belts can be quoted the same day – if distributors complete our faxable worksheets . Visit our website to download replacement forms. ANGLE MERGE BELTS Our replacement angle merge belts assure the positive merging or diverging of conveyor lines in a smooth and efficient manner. MERGE TABLE REPLACEMENT BELTS Our merge table replacement belts, used on single or multi-line sortation conveyors, are made by us with precision and skill, as good or in some cases better than the manufacturer’s product. Belts are assembled with all drive hardware and arrive ready for installation. DIVERTER ARM BELTS Diverter arm replacement belts are made with or without v-guides, as specified by the manufacturer. Due to the constant flexing and stretching in high speed diverter arm applications, we employ only the most durable materials when fabricating these belts. Nylon hardware available for food handling. PRO_REV_5_17