Chain drive power turn belt systems were developed in the 1950s and are still some of the most widely used and most dependable power turns found in airports and distribution centers. ProTurn®chain drive belts are made with carbon steel chain for non-food applications with brass grommets, steel rivets, and washers. CHAIN GUIDE BELTS URETHANE GUIDE BELTS We offer a food grade option on all power turn belts. Applications include a wide variety of FDA regulated environments including wash-down and steam cycles. Our nickel-plated carbon chains and grommets are paired with stainless steel rivets and washers — a high-quality combination without the high quality price tag (photos above). To fabricate a chain drive replacement belt, we need the following: inside circumference, total belt width, total grommet count, center to center distance at lace joint, belt type, whether it is laced or endless, and the conveyor’s model number (for AutoCad® verification only). The distinctive orange colored profiles of ProTurn®guides are single piece extrusions that are meticulously double-stitched on the edges for added durability. Distributors will appreciate a cost savings because less labor is involved with buffing, cementing, and the additional setup time required when using adhesives. An important feature of ProTurn®single piece extrusion guides is the ability to repair and reuse the belt if the existing urethane guide becomes worn out or is torn. A. C. B. D. The outside orange 1-piece urethane guide is custom made to your specification. Available in turn angles from 20° to 180°, or spiral/ helix styles from 15° to 720°. When surveying a urethane guide power turn belt, the overall belt width is measured from the inside edge of the belt to the complete, outside edge of the belt. (Image left) 3/8” (Small Round) *Inside align 5/8” (Large Round) 1/2” (Medium Round) Angled Guard