BELT JOINING FABRICATIONS PVC / PU V-Guides Single Finger Splice Double Finger Splice Mechanical Lacing - Flexco Clipper - Flexco Alligator - Plastic Spiral - Soft Splice Laminations - Black Neoprene - Gum Rubber - Neoprene Foam - Urethane Foam Lacingandsplicingisofferedinavarietyofoptions We offer a variety of splice options for high speeds and demanding applications including mechanical fasteners for quick change-outs, and rubber urethane covered fasteners. In addition to lacing and splicing, we have a variety of value added fabrications to choose from. These belts include Corrugated Sidewall, Cleating, Perforations, and V-Guide belts. Thermoplastic Corrugated Sidewall Cleating High Frequency/ Hot Welded/ Cast Urethane Perforations Fabrications