ZipLink is a breakthrough in belting design that combines time tested rubber cover materials with a structured spiral link mesh that can be easily spliced at any length into a continuous belt without the need for special tools, presses or other equipment. ZipLink’s construction eliminates points of weakness because there is no loss of strength in the splice area, making the belts stronger so they last longer than belts of other seamed or fused materials. Applications - Food Handling - Package Handling - Paper Products - Wood Products - Textile Industry - Electronic Parts - Metal Part Conveyor - General Industry ProTurn® replacement belts are fabricated to your customers’ exact specifications with all guidance hardware installed. Belts for 45°, 90°, 180° and spiral lift applications include either chain, urethane bead, or bearing/ wheel guide systems attached and ready for service. High speed operations and strict safety standards are a way of life for facility managers at airports and around-the-clock package sorting facilities. When faced with a choice of endless conveyor belt options, distributors can be certain we stock an excellent selection of high performance products. Whenthemostdirectrouteisn’tastraightline