6 Air Permeable Fabrics (Pages 6 and 35) SILOS TRAILERS & RAIL CARS CEMENT PLANTS White Solid Woven Still popular conveyor belting, particularly in the food and baking industries. Economical answer to many light and medium conveying needs, especially slider bed applica- tions. The belt is firmly woven; non-rubberized. Number of stripes usually indicates number of plies. Also can be used as an air-permeable fabric designed for pneumatic conveyors. 3 Ply Solid Woven Cotton 4 Ply Solid Woven Cotton 2 Ply Solid Woven Cotton 16-2 16-3 16-4 Air Permeable Needled Polyester Designed specifically for air gravity conveyors. Used to fluidize dry bulk powders such as: cement, barite, silica, alumina, etc. Provides several advantages over woven air permeable fabrics because it does not require stretching pri- or to installation and will not unravel when cut or punched. Abrasion resistant WearSlide combines the best features of non-woven polyester with the durability of rubber. Polyveyor® .5 CFM Rated (#1950) Polyveyor® 1.5 CFM Rated (#1951) 16a 16b Air Permeable Solid Woven Polyester These fabrics are used in pneumatic conveyors to transport fluidized dry bulk powders such as cement, barite, silica, alumina, and chemical or plastic resins. Like needled poly- ester fabrics, they are used for air gravity conveyors, silos, rail cars, barges, ships, and tank trailers that are designed for the storage and transport of dry bulk powders. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. 16c 16d WPLP (Woven Polyester Low Permeability) Solid Woven Polyester* WPMP (Woven Polyester Medium Permeability) Solid Woven Polyester 16e WPHP (Woven Polyester High Permeability) Solid Woven Polyester* High Temperature Needled Polyester For use in air gravity conveyors where temperatures ex- ceed the maximum allowable with polyester fabrics. An economical alternative to ceramic or stainless steel media below 500°F (600°F intermittent). Polyveyor/Kevlar 16f 16-3 16b 16e 16f Air Permeable Fabrics / Food Handling PVC - White C x C Ideal belts for conveying or elevating flour, sugar, or other bulk food materials requiring FDA white belting. Low stretch, high bolt-holding ability. The PVC compound of these belts is not affected by grain oils, meets flame resis- tant requirements, and is static conductive. PVC - 450 White C x C SC/FR/OR/FDA PVC - 200 White C x C SC/FR/OR/FDA 17 18 PVC - White C x FS This PVC belt offers the highest service yield and is the best value for most food processing uses. It features a smooth, easy-clean cover of PVC compounds that is oil resistant. FDA accepted. PVC - 120 White C x FS/OR/FDA 20 17 20 BELT SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE! CALL FOR DETAILS. WearSlide LP (Low Permeability) .5 CFM WearSlide HP (High Permeability) 1.5 CFM 16g 16h