Catalog # 61c Description: 3 Ply 225 Blue Carbox Nitrile RT x BB International Designation: N/A Item number: 27998 Pulley Diameter, Minimum Minimum Pulley Diameter 8.00 in Construction: Compound Top Cover Color Roughtop Blue Nitrile Blue Top Cover Description (3.30 mm) 1/8 in Top Cover Thickness (in) Bottom Cover Description Bare Compound Bottom Cover Bare RFL Bottom Cover Thickness (in) (0.00 mm) 0.00 in Number of Plies 3 Overall Gauge (in) (7.54 mm) 19/64 in Unit Weight- lb/PIW 0.1150 lbs/PIW Carcass Type Polyester Compound Blue Nitrile Temperature Range (°F)- High 250 °F Temperature Range (°F)- Low 0 °F Special Characteristics: Carbox nitrile roughtop yields vastly longer service life than rubber roughtop. Is ideal where regular roughtop surfaces wear down quickly and must be replaced. Popular for handling cardboard cartons. Tension Rating (PIW) 225 PIW Belt Strength: Splice Instructions: Splice Step Yes Splice Finger No Other: Cross Rigid High Heat No No Impression Top Yes Oil Resistant Yes No Static Conducting Fire Resistant No FDA Approved No *****All Values are nominal and subject to change without notice.***** Flexco Plate/Rivet #2 N/A Flexco Hinged N/A Alligator Staple #125 Clipper Lace Suggested Fasteners: Alligator Lace #15 Belting Specification Sheet