Catalog # 135 Description: 3 Ply CR135 Black RT AS SFMB International Designation: E24/3 0/N47 RT Black OSM N AS Item number: 10960 Pulley Diameter, Minimum A) Normal Flex B) Back Flex (152.40 mm) 6.0000 in (304.80 mm) 12.0000 in Construction: Compound Top Cover Roughtop Black Nit Top Cover Description (4.75 mm) 0.1870 in Top Cover Thickness (in) Bottom Cover Description Bare Compound Bottom Cover Treated Duck Bottom Cover Thickness (in) (0.00 mm) 0.0000 in Number of Plies 3 Anti Static Yes Overall Gauge (in) (7.87 mm) 0.3100 in Unit Weight- lb/PIW 0.1157 lbs/PIW Material Between Plies Nitrile Maximum Width (in) 72 in Temperature Range (°F)- High 180 °F Temperature Range (°F)- Low 20 °F Top Cover Shore 65 N/A Bottom Cover Shore Special Characteristics: The 135 has a special 3 ply highly cross rigid construction designed for SFMB (Surface Finishing Machine Belt) applications. The belt features a high friction, non-marking, oil resistant cover and a low friction bottom fabric suitable for all sanding systems. Developed for use on machines finishing wood, metal and composites. This belt is designed to lay flat and will not curl on the edges due to the special monofilament carcass. Also a very good belt for materials handling and wood products applications and where a non-marking oil resistant belt is required. Excellent for use in folding rail applications in corrugated box plants. Pull for 1% Elongation (24 N/mm) 135 lbs/sq in Belt Strength: Splice Instructions: Foil No Splice Process Step Cold Press Temperature (°F) 300 °F Press Pressure (psi) 30 lbs/sq in Note: Listed above is a guideline only. Every vulcanizer is different and will show different results. We recommend that you do a test splice with your press before attempting the actual belt splice. Other: Cross Rigid High Heat Yes No Impression Top Yes Oil Resistant Yes Fire Resistant No FDA Approved No *****All Values are nominal and subject to change without notice.***** Light Weight Belting Specification Sheet