Catalog # 82 Description: 2 Ply 220 3/16in x 1/16in HR400°F International Designation: N/A Item number: 10438 Pulley Diameter, Minimum Min. Pulley Dia. - Head @ 80 - 100% Tension Minimum Pulley Diameter- Tail 16.00 in 10.00 in Min. Pulley Dia. - Head @ 60 - 79% Tension 14.00 in Min. Pulley Dia. - Head @ 59% Tension or Below 10.00 in Construction: Compound Top Cover Color Smooth Black EPDM Black Top Cover Description (4.83 mm) 3/16 in Top Cover Thickness (in) Bottom Cover Description Smooth Compound Bottom Cover Black EPDM Bottom Cover Thickness (in) (1.60 mm) 1/16 in Number of Plies 2 Overall Gauge (in) (9.65 mm) 3/8 in Unit Weight- lb/PIW 0.1810 lbs/PIW Carcass Type Poly/Nylon Compound Black EPDM Temperature Range (°F)- High 400 °F Temperature Range (°F)- Low -20 °F Special Characteristics: Covers withstand product temperatures for lumpy material to 400°F (204°C) and continuous baking loads to 300°F (149°C). Heat resistant cover compounds protect the carcass from heat deterioration. Covers stay flexible when the belt is used within the allowable temperature range. Tension Rating (PIW) 220 PIW Belt Strength: Splice Instructions: Splice Step Size 8.00 in Splice Process Step Hot Other: Cross Rigid High Heat No Yes Impression Top No Oil Resistant No No Static Conducting Fire Resistant No FDA Approved No *****All Values are nominal and subject to change without notice.***** Flexco Plate/Rivet N/A #190/R5 Flexco Hinged #375 or 550 Alligator Staple N/A Clipper Lace Suggested Fasteners: Alligator Lace N/A Belting Specification Sheet