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Press Release - Movex Partnership

Monday, May 15, 2017

Movex, one of the most innovative and forward thinking companies in today’s conveying industry and Beltservice Corporation, one of the most trusted companies in conveyor belt manufacturing and custom fabrications have created a strategic partnership. This partnership will promote, support and grow the complete line of Movex products in the United States, including Modular Belting, Plastic and Steel Conveying Chains and Conveyor Components.

Together, Movex and Beltservice Corporation will deliver the highest quality products, designed to offer our customers the most innovative solutions to today’s most demanding beverage, food, packaging and automotive conveying applications.

Movex is driven by 25-years of innovation, technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing that has allowed Movex to create one of the fastest growing, highest quality product lines in the conveying industry. Movex offers to the marketplace a continually evolving product-line for both standard and custom products in a dynamic and responsive manner, providing unsurpassed service-levels and the best in after-sale support capabilities.

Beltservice Corporation will work together with its distributors and OEM partners to provide the marketplace with the Movex products, services and the technical expertise needed to allow their customers to be more efficient and productive in today’s competitive business environment. They will inventory Movex products at ten strategically located facilities, supported by a staff of 24 direct sales representatives, product and technical specialists and customer service staff.

Combining the experience and expertise of both companies will define exciting new opportunities for improvement in the conveying industry, delivering innovative products, materials and a level of service that will separate Movex and Beltservice Corporation from other competitors in today’s conveying market place.

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