COVID-19 Update – "Shelter in Place" Policy

Friday, March 20, 2020

Dear Customers,

Many states are beginning to implement mandatory “shelter in place” orders allowing only “essential businesses” to operate until further notice. So far this is in effect in California, New York, and Pennsylvania but it will likely extend to other states soon.

Per the criteria of “essential business”, Beltservice Corporation qualifies as it supports supply chains and the movement of goods. We assume many of our distributor and OEM customers meet this same criteria. That said however, some may not or may choose to follow the state guidelines out of caution.

We are asking that if your business is shutting down and therefore unable to accept deliveries, please let us know so we can hold shipments until you are ready to receive. If you do not let us know and freight accessorial charges are assessed because the shipment cannot be delivered and held by the freight company in storage, we could choose to pass those charges along.